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Week of November 21st: Ron Reagan and Ron Christie

What is your initial reaction to the Trump transition appointments? Especially Steve Bannon as chief strategist? 

Family loyalty is good, but there are anti-nepotism laws in America. What do you think of the Jared Kushner/Ivanka Trump power in the White House? 

Our security agencies are convinced that the Russians engaged in a digital Watergate, hacking the files of Democrats to help elect Trump. Will there/should there be an investigation? 

Some Democrats say, “he is not my president”, others want to be more accommodating, unlike the GOP was with Obama. What is the best route for Dems? 

Week of November 14th: Jonathan Alter and David Frum

What Might President-elect Trump try for or get enacted in his 1st 100 days?

What were the large under-currents pushing Trump into the White House? Global economy? White Lash? Your take? 

Dems didn’t have a ‘plan B’ going into election night. Going forward, how can they change their message? 

Clinton handily won the popular vote but she couldn’t get through the electoral college. What was it about her that let the unpopular Trump to win? 


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