So after nearly 7 years and 250 shows, this is our final one. Rich Lowry and Wayne Barrett agree that Russia’s hacking was unprecedented and consequential although it wouldn’t, shouldn’t (and didn’t) overturn the Electoral College. Again, there’s agreement that Trump should but won’t divest a company that will create a daily and unconstitutional conflict-of-interest. So how does he get away with such corruption? “Race” announces Wayne, explaining that so long as his base is satisfied with him on race, they’ll cut him slack on his lies and corruption. Last, the panel lists the biggest public events of their lifetimes: both say 9/11; Rich adds the fall of the Berlin Wall and Wayne the shooting of Robert Kennedy even more than the assassination of his brother, “because Johnson largely continued JFK’s program but Bobby would have won in ’68 and changed the subsequent history of America.”

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