Our panel of Ron Reagan & Ron Christie deplore the appointment of Steve Bannon, the tip of the Alt-White spear, as the President-Elect’s top strategist. Ron Reagan:“Let’s stop pretending that this will be a normal administration. Instead of being ready months ago, for example, they now have five people — Trump, Bannon, Priebus, Ivanka and Kushner — who have a combined zero public experience among them” Ron Christie, a veteran of the Bush-Cheney White House, is offended by the intermingling of family interests and public roles in the Trump Team.

We discuss three ways that this president-elect may be especially powerful — and one way he won’t be. First, he’s a natural bully even before he gets the Bully Pulpit — and having the budget, army, and veto pen, that’s alot of leverage. Second, his base — largely people infuriated by class and/or race — won’t much care his policies so long as he keeps tickling their itch. Third, while there were eight congressional investigations into Hillary and Benghazi, it’s unlikely  there will be any into President Trump’s eventual mistakes or misconduct given GOP control of both chambers of Congress.

Still, we concur that while 100% the president because of the Electoral College, he lost the popular vote 48-46 [by the time all of California is counted] — the largest gap between electoral and popular vote ever — and while Clinton, Bush43 and Obama had net favorables of plus 27, 27 and 40 percent two weeks into their transitions, Trump today is at an astonishing minus 11 percent. “You can do anything with public opinion,” said Lincoln, “but nothing without it.”

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