This week, Rich Lowry & Wayne Barrett debate #deplorables & birtherism. Was Hillary’s comment a classic gaffe, impolitic yet true? Lowry says no because it’s untrue that half the GOP are not racists and nativists…which is why she apologized. Barrett doesn’t disagree. “While we can talk about the percentage, she should never confuse deplorable views with deplorable people.” But the Host argues that there indeed is a “Fringe Fourth” in the US, overwhelmingly for Trump, which thinks we should ban Muslims, Obama’s not an American & reverse racism worse than racism. The panel discusses whether Donald Houdini can get away with pretending to be the arsonist putting out the fire of Birther-ism with his 27 seconds saying “ne-ver mind.”  Also: four days of coverage on Hillary’s health and one on Trump’s birther reversal?

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