Bob Shrum & Mary Matalin debate whether the GOP shutdown is risking a “government-led Lehman Bros”? Bob blames Ted Cruz for ginning up 80 Tea Party crazies over in House while Mary describes Obamacare as a “sea change in the relationship of the individual to government” that must be stopped. How does this end? When Speaker Boehner more fears the words “Speaker Pelosi” in 2015 than he fears a balking Tea Party faction.  

2 thoughts on “BOTH SIDES NOW: OCTOBER 5th, 2013

    • Hi There!

      Thanks so much for tuning in! I am not sure why it is getting cut off on your end- I was just able to scroll through the whole show. It should run about 38 minutes in it’s entirety. We do also have it up in I tunes as a podcast if you are able to access it that way. I hope this helps! And one other suggestion might be to try a different browser? Let me know if you continue to have trouble hearing the whole show.


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