BOTH SIDES NOW: MAY 11th, 2013

Spitzer & Matalin debate if Benghazi will prove to be more Whitewater/Witchhunt than Watergate. Then: Is Sen. Toomey (R. – PA) gutsy to chide the Right for opposing his bi-partisan background checks bill just to stymie Obama? Are tyrannical feds buying up ammo to sabotage gun rights? And the duo are 180 degrees apart on no age minimum for girls having access to Plan B morning-after pills. Eliot prefers daughters get a pill than get pregnant. 

2 thoughts on “BOTH SIDES NOW: MAY 11th, 2013

    • Hi Jan-

      Our old site’s host went out of business so we transferred everything over to this format. That is the last piece we need to amend. Thank you for checking in about it. I hope to have it back up this week. Please do listen here from the site until we get it up and going again. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for listening!

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