On this week’s show, Mary and Arianna would have both voted to confirm Kagan to the Court but split sharply on declaring the Prop 8 anti-gay marriage referendum unconstitutional. They clashed on whether today’s birthers were as bad as W’s detractors, but they loved Spitzer! Listen here:


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One thought on “BOTH SIDES NOW- AUGUST 7th, 2010

  1. Mr. Green: Have enjoyed the launch of the show. However, you said something twice on this past show that should be corrected. Colombia is not located in Central America — but rather South America. There was a time in its history that it could have been classified as part of Central America but that was pre-1903, when its territory included Panama (which is in fact part of Central America). So unless Ms. Matalin traveled back in time, she was calling in from South America. No matter the political leaning, we all need to get more global, wouldn’t you agree? Look forward to the next show.

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