About BSN…

Nearly all talk radio shows, from Limbaugh to Schultz, are fervid appeals to the faithful, as Right talks to Right and Left to Left. The genre is low on shows that appeal to both sides and that include high profile and talented women. Both Sides Now, a new views-on the-news weekend show, will fill that gap. BSN will be an entertaining conversation— not just a shout-fest or confrontation — featuring two of the most informed, opinionated, and well-known women in American media:

*Mary Matalin, host of her own CBS radio show in the ’90s, is a former top aide to Bush-Cheney and appears regularly on TV, often with her husband James Carville.


*Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, the #5 news website in America, is seen frequently on MSNBC and CNN and is the author of 12 books.


*Mark Green, the Host, is a veteran of such programs as Firing Line, Crossfire and Hardball. He is also the former NYC elected Public Advocate, and author/editor of 22 books. 

Recall how recently President Obama had an unprecedented televised back-and-forth with Republican House members, and Stewart appeared on O’Reilly. In both instances, an appealing exchange replaced partisan monologues. In that spirit, on BSN all listeners and online readers will be able to cheer or jeer—but always be informed and able hear their own point-of-view being expressed and challenged.


This fresh approach is based on new research into, well, the brain. Educators conclude that one way to stimulate the mind is to confront contrary thoughts. According to Professor Kathleen Taylor in the New York Times, “If you always hang around with those you agree with and read things you already know, you’re not going to wrestle with your established brain connections.”


Consider Both Sides Now exercise for the brain.

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